Superbowl Party Gadgets for Bubba’s Home Theater

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Hey bubbas,

We’re veering outside our normal home theater gear and design posts, because every bubba’s home theater needs accessories to go with the the multimedia experience, especially when it comes to Superbowl time. Part of every home theater kit should be some of the items featured over at MSNBC’s Gadgetbox column, which this week features a ton of gadgets to enhance your superbowl entertaining experience. To be fair, most of these things are pretty ridiculous, lack any practicality whatsoever, and are mainly good for a laugh.  So they mostly have  “bubba” written all over them. Thinks like:


The Grill Sergeant Apron
The Super Bowl is coming. Time to lock and load your Grill Sergeant tactical apron and get cooking. Condiments? Check. Grilling utensils? Check. Six rounds of beer? Check. All right soldier, here’s your burger. Remember — there are many like it, but this one is yours. Here’s a beer. You may fire until drunk. $19.99 — Perpetual Kid via That’s Nerdalicious

One of the more practical items on the list was a beer fridge, and we can definitely see this being put to use inside a bubba cave, or discreetly placed in the home theater.

Beer Froster fridge
When it comes to determining whether or not a beer is cold, your hand is woefully obsolete. But don’t rely on cold-activated bottles to aid you in the quest for the perfectly chilled beer — step up your game with a Beer Froster fridge. It holds the temperature at a frosty 24 degrees at all times — the coldest beer can get without freezing. $599 to $2,800 —Beerfroster viaThat’s Nerdalicious


Check the rest out, there’s surely some superbowl gadget that will make your superbowl party just a little less strenuous, and a lot more ridiculous.




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