Sports Carpeting for the Man Cave

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Hey Bubbas, check this out:

We often get asked what kind of floor covering would be good for a home theater, especially if you plan to make your media center a real sports bar. We found a site that has a ton of pro and college team memorabilia, including sports carpeting for your man cave. Over at, they’ve got everything from welcome mats, furniture, carpet tiles, and neon lights… to bedding and tailgating supplies.  And not just NFL football… they handle college teams, NASCAR, basketball, baseball and hockey. They even have a section for women’s sports. They appear to be a great resource for other links as well for stuff they don’t carry.

One of our favorites is their supply of logo’ed carpet tile, for almost any team you can think of. If you’ve never used carpet tile, they’re great to work with for a number of reasons. They’re tough as nails, relatively easy to install, and they can be lifted up to clean or replace. So if your idiot brother in law over indulges in pizza and beer and thoughtlessly spews all over your floor, you can lift out a “tile” or two and hose them off in the yard. Very handy for pet situations.  You will probably buy a few extra anyway to make sure you have enough for your install… these extras can be used to replace any pieces that become severely damaged. Carpet tiles are also great to lay over damaged or irregular sub-floors. We’ve actually laid them over damaged linoleum and even tile. The backing is strong and thick enough to cover a rough subfloor and not “imprint” what’s below it. Sports carpeting for the man cave.

Tiles come in a box of 20 18″x18″ Tiles per box ; 10 solid color, 10 with the team logo. Coverage is 45sq ft. per box. No padding or underlay required. Standard production time = 15 working days. Contact us for your team image or to check team available. All MLB teams are licensed. College, NFL, MLB, and MLB Teams available.

Carpet tiles can be glued or taped down (these come with tape). If you’ve ever done any kind of tile job, the initial alignment/planning process is just the same:  You pop a chalk center line across each side of the room each way and find your center point. Then you will lay your tiles from the center outward, so that if one or two walls aren’t perfectly square, your tile pattern will be. Before you start, measure the more critical side from the center square so that you can offset at least one side – this will allow you to have at least one row of mostly full sized (uncut) tiles on one edge. (Otherwise, you’ll have four edges of partial tiles… no big deal, but a real waste and more hassle to cut.)  (You should actually offset two adjoining sides for more savings/neatness)  The tiles can be cut (with care) with a good carpet knife. Use a carpenter’s square to keep your cut angles straight.

This stuff isn’t as cheap as a rollout indoor/outdoor carpet or even most inexpensive wall to walls.  With shipping, you’re looking at around $4. a sq. foot.  Remember, you’re paying for logo licensing as well, so it’s not just the material.  If you’re on a budget, we suggest that you do a portion of the room, especially if you’re space is cement or other hard surface.  You can just make a tiled “area” rug effect, under the seating area for example. Either way, putting sports carpeting in the man cave takes it up to a pro sports bar level.

Sports carpeting and other memorabilia can be found at this site.




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