Outdoor Home Theater: Something to Go with Bubba’s Outdoor Kitchen

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Hey Bubba’s, check this out:

So the cool bubba trend has been to build an ever fancier barbecue deck, only everyone calls it an “outdoor kitchen“; even better nowadays, folks are putting in outdoor home theaters. Builders are reporting that they’re getting requests for A/V systems that are weatherproof and can be incorporated into outdoor landscapes, pool decks, barbecue patios, and exterior kitchens. Inspired by patio sports bars no doubt, with multiple screens, sound systems, or projector systems.  Most installations start with a weatherproof sound system. Entertainment Technology Inc. website reports:

The key to any system’s longevity is speakers that can take a beating from Mother Nature. There are two basic types of all-weather speakers: simple bookshelf-type models wrapped in protective casings, and stealth speakers that masquerade as garden rocks, flowerpots, even benches. Although they’re made to be left out year-round, outdoor speakers will last longer and look better if installed in a sheltered area, such as under the eaves for box-type speakers or, in the case of rocks and planters, protected by natural cover like trees and bushes.

Speakers and audio systems aren’t the only thing that are made to be outside anymore. Previously, guys were working overtime designing plywood boxes and hutches to shelter standard flat screen TV sets from the weather. It’s now possible to find sets built to be mounted in the open air.

Outdoor Home Theater

Outdoor Home Theater

The SunBriteTV® in the picture above is engineered with an outdoor-rated ASA plastic resin exterior that protects the internal TV components from rain, dirt, insects and other outdoor elements. Built into the exterior is an anti-reflective, impact- and scratch-resistant window that protects the 32” 1366 x 768 pixel LCD screen with 1500:1 contrast ratio. The integrated speakers and user-friendly operating controls are sealed against rain and moisture.

These guys correctly point out that good, neat wiring is paramount. You’ll be burying cable runs, and the wire has got to be rated for outdoor use. They suggest “minimum 16-gauge “direct-burial” cable, which is designed to go right into the ground, and bury it at least 12 inches deep.”  Your equipment rack should be inside, there’s no reason to try and weatherproof those components.

This stuff opens up a whole new arena for some bubba home theater treatment. An outdoor home theater is just what the yard needs.


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