How to Mount an Outdoor HDTV Antenna

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Hey Bubbas, check this out:

We’re always talking about cutting your cable TV subscription and taking advantage of good old fashioned over-the-air broadcast HD television, so the challenge becomes how to mount an outdoor HDTV antenna. It seems like only a couple years ago that you took DOWN that old aerial antenna that was mounted to your chimney.  Well, everything old is new again, Bubba… so put one back up there!  Seriously, in most television markets, there is more digital and hi definition TV than ever.

Check out the guys from “This Old House”

Put an HDTV Antenna on Your Roof


Be sure to buy good cable to make those cable runs, especially if you intend to split the signal (as they did) to multiple rooms.  They mention “RG-6” cable; be SURE and buy good cable with that spec.  A signal from an antenna is a very small signal, you want to lose as little as possible down that long cable run into your house. Make sure the splitter that you buy and any cable connectors are matched to the cable and are for HDTV reception off of your antenna.  Don’t buy they cheap “F” type connectors, as they will eventually wear out, and are more susceptible to weather.  Check with to find the specific style of antenna you’ll need for your location.  The video did not illustrate that you will actually have to “point” or aim the antenna toward your area’s TV transmitters. As a rule, they are usually bunched together. This is usually not a tiny window, but you can get a much stronger signal if your antenna is correctly positioned. Many new TV’s will include a built in signal strength measurement to assist you in finding the sweet spot. Again, will give you a map and position to point to.





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