How to Find the Best Deals on Home Theater Gear: Bubba Goes Shoppin’

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Some great new search technology is available to find the best deals on home theater gear and components. And not just random search engines, but ways to “sort” your search easily – by features, price, brand preference… in a phrase, a personalized search.  The Toronto Star featured a couple of these new search tools, and it sounds to me like they’ve hit on something. Where Google and Yahoo bring up a broad range of popular options, these sites narrow your focus based upon personal preferences and tastes., which launched last week, uses complex algorithms to help people filter through product features and choose products based on characteristics that matter to them, Reid explained. “Over the next decade decision engines will become huge,” Reid said. “This technology will start brokering a lot of commerce.” Sortable lets consumers comparison shop for cameras, TVs, phones, tablets and laptops – for now. Eventually, it will help people choose cars, restaurants or even who to vote for in the U.S. presidential race. “We’re really trying to mimic what humans do,” Reid said. If a person wants a camera that shoots high-definition video with a long battery life for less than $1,800, Sortable will rank which the most suitable options. Size, brand and a variety of other factors can help narrow a list, although some of the complex specifications could intimidate less tech savvy consumers.” is Sortable’s closest competitor, and it has a wide range of products and services that it will filter for you. From dog breeds to colleges to electronics, you can compare and contrast based on all sorts of criteria.

But perhaps the best idea of all, is a price predictor site. You may have heard of a couple travel sites that offer suggestions, based on your travel route, WHEN to buy your airfare, as prices fluctuate so dramatically. Now, there’s a site that gives you similar advice for major electronic purchases, (also a highly volatile market.), a popular site that tells consumers when to buy based on price point, told the New York Times in December that it was “even harder” to create an algorithm telling consumers what to buy.”

Simply plug in the model or brand of a flat screen TV you want to buy for example, and it will give you a recommendation of buy or wait for the price to drop. Pretty amazing, and looking at various holiday sales, model clearances, feature set changes, it’s probably a good bet that they WILL change. We found out that  says they have a  77 percent accuracy rate in their predictions. They also claim to save you $54 per product, on average.

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