Flat Panel TV Mount on Pipe: Putting Your TV on the Pole

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Hey Bubbas, check this out:

Saw a great how-to discussion on making a flat panel TV Mount on a length of pipe. Actually, this is possible by using an Ikea fixture that is used to build shelving and other storage solutions. Over at Ikeahackers, they’ve got some plans to mount these two pipe looking poles and then rigging them up to hold a flat screen.  Victor Pham shared his idea:

Flat Panel TV Mount on Pipe

Putting your TV on the pole.

I started this project because I wanted to have a cool way to mount my newly purchased 55″ LCD television. The problem was that I live in a small apartment and I needed to save as much space as I could without putting more holes in my wall. Seeing as how Ikea no longer sells their Stolmen TV mount, I went onto the internet for ideas, including this site, and I found pictures of other people’s project but they either had vague descriptions or required an excessive amount of work or materials (like a drill). So that’s how I came up with this idea where I would use a hooking system that required only basic materials from Ikea, any hardware store, and a basic tool kit (which was also purchased at Ikea- i.e. no drilling needed!)

Evidently, Ikea at one time sold a shelf panel that could be aligned vertically and used as a mounting plate for this very purpose. They don’t have any part like that available in their current catalog. I would almost assume that with the larger and larger TV’s coming, out, there may have been concern over the strength of their typical pressed wood shelving material. (Opinion only.)  This “Ikea hack” actually hooks the TV to matched cross bars to better support the weight.   We saw a very similar use of this model that just mounted a standard plasma TV mount directly to the pipe cross bars using hardware store U-bolts. The Ikea product in their catalog is the “Stoleman” system.

If you were really ambitious, you could always adapt some galvanized pipe to do this, using either fence pole hardware or even some T-joints. But the Ikea stuff works great; they have additional shelf modules, cross pipes, etc. that you can use or adapt to hold hear, hide cables, or store media.

Flat Panel TV Mount on Pipe

hardware hooks to hold TV onto crossbars.

Another idea we had to enhance this.  Either on that same pair of cross bars, or another single crossbar piece, you could u-bold some pegboard on and have a great place to manage wires, tie-wrap adapters and wall warts, and power strips.  This would enable you to hide a ton of wiring that would otherwise drape down from the pipe pieces.

One other variation, we even saw one group adapt a flat screen mount to fit a single pole. This enabled the panel screen to pivot when needed. With this fairly inexpensive, pre-fabbed system, you can adapt a pretty substantial flat panel TV mount on a piece of pipe.

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