Build Your Own Speaker Mounts/Brackets

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Hey Bubbas, check this out:

Super easy project, build your own speaker mounts/brackets rather than worry about the generic ones or the odd proprietary ones that cost as much as the speakers! Chris Gardner at has a really easy, super inexpensive wall mount that you can build for the smaller satellite speakers in your home theater. You could knock out a set of these for about $5, and this is a pretty simple DIY exercise – no specialty tools or techniques. As he explains,Build Your Own Speaker Mounts

…it’s best to get speakers off the ground, furniture, and other resonant surfaces, and up to ear level. And since non-powered speakers are actually not heavy at all, with less than $2.00 in materials and an hour of work, it’s surprisingly simple to create custom brackets for mounting them on walls and ceilings.

Basically you’re taking a broom stick, cutting a flat edge on it and slapping it onto a cut piece of MDF or board. Brilliant! As he suggests, you can paint to match your walls, or I suppose if you wanted, you could get fancy and paint in a complimentary color, router a nicer edge on them, even edge it w/ metal strip or stain the back w/ a wood stain and use plywood edging to give it a look. 

A couple thoughts: Some speaker manufacturers do have unusual threading in their speakers, obviously they want to encourage  you to purchase their own brand of mounts. Be sure and take one to the hardware store with you when you pick up your parts to double check that you can find something that will work. This is going to work best for the small, light, non-powered speakers. Anything more and this won’t carry the weight.

Great idea, and lots of room for customizing. Original article can be seen here.




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