Best Tailgating Gadget Yet: Dish Networks Tailgator

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Hey Bubbas,

With the Superbowl firing up, we thought we’d show you probably the best football, tailgating season gadget. Dish Network brought out it’s new Tailgator package. A self contained, portable dish that automatically finds the right satellite, and can be carried around anywhere. We first saw this on Engadget:

“…the ten pound box automatically locates satellite positions, offering up HD content on the go for owners of Dish’s ViP 211k HD receiver. The box runs $350 and is apparently rather easy to set up, making it a pretty enticing option for those who absolutely need to watch a sporting event in the parking lot while waiting to get into a sporting event.”

Dish says that you do not need an annual subscription, but you can go month by month. They also claim that with a small TV, it’s possible to run the whole package off of a vehicle’s DC by using a power inverter.

The Tailgater receives its power through the coax connection with the DISH receiver. The receiver will need to be plugged into an AC power outlet. You can use an AC/DC inverter to power your receiver, Tailgater antenna, and television off of your vehicle’s DC power supply (12V power outlet). If your television is rated at more than 100 Watts, you may need to connect your inverter directly to your vehicle’s battery since most vehicular 12V connections are only rated to 150 Watts. If you plan to watch TV for more than a few hours, be sure to start and run your vehicle for a few minutes It’s required in order to keep your vehicle’s battery healthy. Please note that most vehicles, when turned on, temporarily shut off power to all connections, meaning that you may have to setup your Tailgater antenna again in order to resume viewing satellite TV. If convenient, a portable power generator, portable power pack, or alternative accessory battery may be better options for operating your system and can help preserve your vehicle’s battery life.

Even with new Energy Star standards, that’s awfully close to run an entire rig like that on an inverter, but not impossible, with an efficient, medium size flat screen. But even with a ride along generator, or a long A/C cord to a power source, this is a great set up to take to the next parking lot party, camping trip, or family afternoon in the park. Great tailgating gadget, looks like  a wonderful design.






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