A Media Closet for Your Home Theater Gear

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You get to a point in putting together your entertainment center, and sooner or later, the pile of gear gets out of control. Under the heading of “best practices”, or certainly one way to make things easier it to put in a media closet for your home theater gear. Almost any kind of entertainment center furniture commonly available at a department store or even electronics warehouse will prove inadequate sooner or later. You’ll add a kid’s game here, a media player there… you’ll find a receiver that’s just a little too big for those small shelves that are in that little TV stand that you have in your home theater room.  Jeremy Zongker has some great suggestions for putting together a basic media closet. After his wife complained that the rat’s nest of cables sticking out of their TV stand was getting ridiculous. After he built a small adjoining closet:

There is now a single HDMI cable running to the tv along with an infrared repeater which is barely visible.  The bonus is it also allows me to easily get to everything instead of having to squeeze behind the TV. We also keep our cable modem, router, switches and UPS in the closet so it cleans up our computer room quite a bit. Due to it’s placement we’re also able to run multiple TVs off of it.

A Media Closet for Your Home Theater GearYou can add gear, access components for maintenance, swap new technology for old, and more easily design your system for multi room use. Jeremy was lucky enough that his family room was right behind his bedroom, he was able to structure a sizable media closet that serviced both rooms.

 If you don’t place the TV on an external wall, it’s much easier to work it in. In our case, we wanted our bedroom TV to also be hooked up to it, so we have the closet in between our living room and bedroom. As an unplanned bonus, the kids playroom, where their TV is kept, is above our living room, but their is attic space above this media closet. We haven’t done so yet, but we should be able to very easily hook the kids’ TV up to this closet as well.

Again, this allows you to minimize the cables coming out to your system… reduce all of that clutter to a power cable and maybe an HDMI to the video monitor, a couple wires run directly, (or better yet, through the walls) to speakers, and one hidden IR sensor to pick up the signal from your remote control(s) for all of the gear. If you’re unfamiliar with the IR repeater, we discussed that here.  Jeremy points out in his post, and we can’t emphasize enough, be sure you have good ventilation to this media closet.  Always remember that heat is the enemy to gear  if you’re going to stack that many components in a tight space. Jeremy covers several options on how to bring good ventilation.  In addition to being a hidden space for your components, some of these media closets for your home theater gear end up becoming a central distribution point for all of our home electronics, including phone systems, security systems, and house controls.

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