Monster Cable is a Ripoff

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Hey Bubba’s, check this out: We’ve tried to say it before. If you’re overpaying for A/V cabling, you’re wasting money, because premium brand wiring is a waste of money. Ultra hyped, over advertised Monster Cables are a ripoff. More folks are coming to this conclusion; over at geeksaresexy.net, they put some expensive Monster brand cables […]

Home Theater

Home Theater Seating from Recycled Pallets

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Hey Bubbas, check this out: I’ve always been fascinated by the variety of uses folks find for discarded wood pallets. ┬áThese guys took a few of them and did a great room design including a flat screen mount and home theater seating from recycled pallets. ┬áThe guys at Treehugger.com show a build out of an […]

Home Entertainment

What to Do When a Scratched DVD Won’t Play

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Hey Bubbas, What happens when your movie freezes and won’t play, or stutters along because the scratched DVD won’t play? Most likely, it’s a booger. (The following information applies to boogered up music CD’s as well.) If you take it out, and can spot a booger, or a wad of dust, or a speck of […]

Gear and Reviews

Media Streaming Devices – Which One? Roku vs Boxee vs Apple TV and more

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How do you get all that media streaming content available on the web onto your big ass TV? Which media streaming device to choose, the Roku, Boxee, Apple TV, or maybe even something else?